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  • The price seems really high, comparing to other figures, but I haven’t found any model with such realistic proportions and silhouette as this one, provided by ElleoDolls.
  • It will give a warning saying tick skeleton if it sees that you have an appropriate skeleton package.
  • While many of these cases are marked in LOOT and therefore won’t throw out a warning, many smaller mods do not submit this information to LOOT despite their ITMs being necessary.

True service animal is a dog trained to provide assistance to the owner who has a disability. Landlords can write warnings or even evict a tenant with an assistance animal is disturbing others, posing a threat to others or causing considerable damage to the property. Rather than face claims of discriminatory behavior, you will benefit from learning about the different types of assistance animals and what conditions make it possible for a tenant to require you rent to him and his animal.

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What CAN be asked is if they have a disability, and if the service animal is trained to aid them with their disability. It might be helpful if everyone involved has brushed up on those ADA laws, because then they will be in compliance with state and federal laws. I have an elderly rental applicant who claims four assistance animals.

Use of 2-4 D and other herbicides like glyphosate to clear milkweed along roads and fields may have contributed to a decline in monarch butterfly populations in the Midwestern United States. Along with deforestation and adverse weather conditions, the decrease in milkweed contributed to an 81% decline in monarchs. The Natural Resources Defense Council filed a suit against the EPA in 2015, in which it argued that the agency ignored warnings about the potentially dangerous impacts of glyphosate usage on monarchs.

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By 2014, glyphosate-resistant weeds dominated herbicide-resistance research. At that time, 23 glyphosate-resistant species were found in 18 countries. “Resistance evolves after a weed population has been subjected to intense selection pressure in the form of repeated use of a single herbicide.” A review of unpublished short-term rabbit-feeding studies reported severe toxicity effects at 150 mg/kg/day and “no observed adverse effect level” doses ranging from 50 to 200 mg/kg/day. Glyphosate can have carcinogenic effects in nonhuman mammals. These include the induction of positive trends in the incidence of renal tubule carcinoma and haemangiosarcoma in male mice, and increased pancreatic islet-cell adenoma in male rats.

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When applied appropriately, it can promote useful effects. In sugarcane, for example, glyphosate application increases sucrose concentration before harvest. In grain crops , uniformly dried crops do not have to be windrowed prior to harvest, but can easily be straight-cut and harvested. This saves the farmer time and money, which is important in northern regions where the growing season is short, and it enhances grain storage when the grain has a lower and more uniform moisture content.

References to and images of the T-pose have been commonly posted online for over a decade. One of the earliest known images to demonstrate the T-pose appeared on Flickr on January 17th, 2006 . Starting in 2016 and resurfacing in 2017, the T-pose specifically has become a widespread Internet meme due to its bizarre and non sequitur appearance, especially in video game glitches where there would otherwise be an animation. As an Internet meme it is often used to convey the idea of asserting dominance over others.

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However, a landlord has no legal obligation to amend a pet policy for trainers, breeders, animal fostering, or other such situations. Hi Chris, You may want to reach back out to your insurance carrier and ask if the restriction applies to assistance animals under the Fair Housing Act. Then I would suggest you ask for a written exception in your policy for assistance animals to comply with that Fair Housing Act. If they refuse, I might suggest you consult with your attorney or local disability advocacy agency. Kaycee Miller manages marketing and media relations for Rentec Direct, bringing a unique perspective to the world of property management and proudly shares industry news, products, and trends within the community. If the conditions outlined above are met, where an individual has a verified need for an assistance animal or a companion animal, the landlord or property manager must provide a reasonable accommodation and allow the animal on the property.